1. I’ll just be in the corner weeping over the nonsense of a group I associate with.

  2. To quote the Jezebel article, because I’m still at a loss for words:

    Have cheery holiday preparations made you temporarily forgot that the world can be a pretty awful place? Well, here’s your reminder: Earlier today #ItAintRapeIf was trending worldwide on Twitter. “

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  5. …because someone had to…

    The idea of this tumblr was pressed into my brain from very first #mencallmethings Twitter posts, and I waited weeks to see if anyone would take the step.

    It was then I realized that instead of waiting, I would step forward and be that change.

    This tumblr isn’t associated with Tiger Beatdown or any other blogs, it’s just the work of one Internet user who has become fed up with the nonsense some of my favorite female bloggers have to go through for the “faux pas” of speaking up.  I want to have a repository for people to point when someone says “what’s the big deal?”

    If you have an examples of such abuse please send a screenshot to mencallmethings@gmail.com. Constructive advice is also welcome.